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Gronwen Wharf

Gronwen Wharf was built to receive coals from the mines at Morda and Coed y Go.

Sketch showing the route of the tram,way from the Drill colliery down to the Montgomery Canal at Gronwen Wharf.

A small number of very early rails have been recovered from the canal at Gronwen wharf together with three wheels from a truck. The rails were about 3 feet long and sat on stone blocks about 3 feet apart. Because of the weight of the trucks laden probably amounted to about 4 tons, there were frequent breakages which resulted in the tramway having to be relaid with upgraded track.

Source Ken Owen.

These wheels were double flanged and sat either side of the rails

Source Ken Owen.

A sketch of a very early tramway truck (see wheels above)

Source Gordon Hillier.

This photo is of two of the wheels recovered from the canal.

Source Ken Owen.

Photo of a canal boat moored on the Montgomery Canal displaying the Gronwen Wharf Oswestry sign. There are very few boats on the canal network with this sign on.

Source Ken Owen
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