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Maesbury Paint Mill

A quarter mile up stream from Maesbury Hall Mill was a smaller mill, at one time a corn mill but taken over in 1862-1895 a Mr Edward Peate worked it as the 'Maesbury Paint Mill'. Its supply of white sparbarytes came from mines on the slopes of the Stiperstones at Snailbeach, reaching Oswestry by rail, going thence by road cartage to the mill for grinding. Paints and varnishes were made here for wholesalers in Liverpool and elsewhere. Just one paint grinder, William Williams, aged 60, born in Cropredy, Oxfordshire, was living in Maesbury in 1861, but at this time, the mill employed three or four people. At the death of Mr Peate in the late 1880s grinding of barytes ceased and by 1905 it had closed and became derelict. The building has since disappeared and the mill pond has been taken over by undergrowth and trees. One of the workers cottages still remain and is called Paint Mill cottage.

1875 map showing the position of the Paint Mill(Color Mill) alongside the River Morda. Although the mill has since disappeared, the Mill Pond area still exists although overgrown.

One of the mill workers cottages still called Paint Mill Cottage.

Source Ken Owen.

Advertisment taken from the Border Counties Advertizer, dated 24th May 1905 advertizing the forthcoming sale at the Wynnstay Hotel, Oswestry on Tuesday 6th June 1905, of 3 lots of properties including the Maesbury Paint Mill.
The lot 3 part shows that the mill was in the occupation of a Mr Robert Evans and that it had been working up to this date. It is of interest that the Mill had 6 pairs of French Stones,a crusher, Dust Fan, Weighing Machine, 2 Iron Water Wheels, with Stabling, Cowhouse, Piggeries and Cart Sheds.

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