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Millers at Maesbury in 1863 Thomas Bather.
Edward Peate Maesbury Mill.
J.Lea Miller at Maesbury.
Andrew Peate Miller and Farmer. at Weston.
Benjamin Roberts miller at Morda Mill
T.Pugh Miller Sweeney Oswestry.
B.Roberts Miller Weston Oswestry..
Whitridge & Company paper manufacturers Morda paper mill.

John Bather Maesbury Oswestry.
Andrew Peate QWeston Oswestry.
John Peate Ball Mill Maesbury Oswestry.
Thomas Pugh Sweeney Oswestry.
Benjamin Roberts Weston Oswestry.

Thomas Allmand Sweeney Oswestry.
Thomas Bather Maesbury Oswestry.
Edward Hughes Maesbury Oswestry.
George Jones Hengoed Oswestry.
Richard Langford & Co. Weston Mill Oswestry.
Robert Benj & Co Weston Oswestry.
Thomas Roberts Tref-ar-Clawdd Oswestry.

Thomas Alllmand water miller Sweeney Oswestry.
Thomas Bather water miller Maesbury Oswestry.
T.Hughes water miller Ball Mill Maesbury Oswestry.
Edward Ellis Jones water miller Weston Lower Mill Weston Oswestry.
Benjamin Roberts & Son water miller Morda Miller Morda Mill Weston Oswestry.
Thomas Roberts water miller Tre-ar-Clawdd Trefonen Oswestry.

Mrs.Letitia Allmand Miller Penyllan Sweeney Oswestry.
Frederick Bather Morda, Weston Mill Oswestry.
P.H.Gregory Miller Weston Oswestry.
J.Hollis Steam Mills West Felton Oswestry.
Edward Ellis Jones Miller Weston Oswestry.
T.Jones Miller Miller Queens Head Wootton Oswestry.
Andrew & Albert Peate Millers Maesbury Oswestry.
George Perks Miller Cambrian Mills Oswestry.


Frederick Bather water miller Oswald Road and Morda mill Oswestry.
John Hollis Steam mills West Felton Oswestry.
Thomas Hughes water miller Maesbury Oswestry.
Edward Ellis Jones water miller Weston Lower mill Weston Oswestry.
G.Cambrian corn mills Oswestry.
T.Roberts water miller Tref-ar-Clawdd Oswestry.

Fredrick Bather water miller Morda mill Oswestry.
Henry Pickstock Gregory water miller Weston mill Oswestry.
John Hollis steam mills West Felton Oswestry.
Thomas Hughes water miller Maesbury Oswestry.
Thomas Jones steam mill queen's Head Wootton Oswestry.

Henry Pickstock Gregory Western mill Oswestry.
Thomas Hughes Maesbury Oswestry.
John Johnson The Sycamore Morton Oswestry.


Thomas Hughes water mill Measbury Oswestry.
Tom Jones steam mill Queens Head Oswestry.
A.& A Peate water & steam mill Maesbury Oswestry.

Thomas Hughes Maesbury Oswestry.
Tom Jones Steam miller Queens Head Oswestry.
A.A.Peate Steam and Water miller Maesbury Oswestry.

Howell Davies Lower Mill Weston Oswestry.
Thomas Hughes Maesbury Oswestry.
A.A.PeateSteam 7 Water Miller Maesbury Oswestry.

Thomas Hughes water miller Maesbury.
Andrew & Albert Peate steam & water miller Maesbury.
Mason Bros. Lower mill Weston Oswestry.
J.A.Gittins Queens Head Oswestry.

Above Ref Kellys.


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