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Dolgoch Quarry

Original plan to excavate Dolgoch Quarry. Date unknown but the pre dates Thomas Savins Railway to Coedygo in 1860s so obviously early 1800s. Interesting feature shows an explosives magazine in the field towards the left hand corner.

Source Ken Owen

1875 map showing Dolgoch Quarry being served by a main line siding off the Cambrian Railway to a bank of Lime Kilns. The track then passed the kilns and traversed back over the Kilns to feed the tops of the kilns with coal and limestone.

Blow-up of 1950 map showing the main line sidings going into the Dolgoch Quarry.

Source Bob Thomas.

Very early full guage railway chair found yesterday(10/2/16) in the undergrowth in Dolgoch Quarry. Date on the chair 1876 and would have been one of the original chairs laid to the quarry sidings by Thomas Savin.

Source Dale Williams.

Captain Nicholson formed the Porthywaen Lime Company head office at Llynclys. At this time the company was leasing the Dolgoch Quarry near Llynclys from R.L.I.Kenyon of Pradoe West Felton. The lease fell due in 1896 and was not renewed. The plant and sidings were removed.

Letter dated 22nd March 1897 from The Porthywaen Lime Co, arguing against an increase in rent of the Dolgoch quarry.

Source Ron Hughes

Inventary of plant in Dolgoch Quarry dated 25th May 1897.

Source Ron Hughes.

Remains of a narrow guage tipper truck found yesterday in the woods in Dolgoch quarry. This would have been one of the original tipper trucks which would have been dumped off the end on the tramways leading down to the lime kilns in the quarry.

Source Dale Williams

Remains of the tipping mechanism lying next to the tipper body.

Source Dale Williams.
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