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Morda Brickworks

This brickworks was situated on the site of the Drill Colliery(see 1901 map) on the Trefonen Road. Bricks were made from the clay that was raised between the coal seams and the bricks at this site were a yellow colour. Many houses along the Morda Road in Oswestry and around Queens Road, Roft Street were built of these bricks. The last brick was made on March 1st 1913..
The site was later taken over by Parish's Buses

1901 map showing the Morda Brickworks.

Morda Brickworks after closure.

1906 photo of workers at the brickworks on Trefonen Road, Morda. Front row - (left to right) Mark Jones(horse driver) Joseph Meredith(foreman), Edwin Lewis(bricksetter), John Lewis(ditto), James Pike(shed boy), James Griffiths(engine driver-driving the engine for grinding clay etc); Back row - (left to right) John Richards(pan feeder-for grinding clay), William Latham(shed boy) Edward Phillips(clay getter), Sidney Roberts(shed boy).
The last brick was made on March 1st 1913.

Worker stacking the bricks, fresh from the kilns. Note the leather gloves to protect his hands and the leather gaiters to protect his lower legs and shins.
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